About the Review

What we do

The Independent Care Review’s aim is to identify and deliver lasting change in the care system and leave a legacy that will transform the wellbeing of children and young people.

Listening to everyone

Achieving lasting change for Scotland’s children and young people in care is complex and challenging. It is a task which cannot be realised without listening to and taking account of the views of a whole host of people and organisations.

The lived experience and wisdom of people are at the very heart of the Care Review. That means actively listening to the voices of children and young people in care, care leavers – young and old – and their families and carers. It is their experiences and voices that is giving clarity and focus on what matters in this complex and challenging task.

To be successful, we must also understand the experiences and views of individuals and organisations working with and for vulnerable children and families.

Each stage built on the last

The Care Review is evolving and learning through four key stages of work, each being guided and informed by the recommendations and actions identified during the stage before.

This dynamic, innovative and flexible approach means the Care Review can gather information and evidence, make recommendations for change, and then take action to implement change throughout the process.