Care experienced people needed to take part in ‘go-to’ groups

We’d love your help

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The Independent Care Review is forming a go-to-group of children and young people who are currently in care and one  for recently care experienced people.

People taking part will be asked to take part in a range of activities throughout the Review to look at key recommendations and to comment on whether they believe that these will deliver the change required – or not!

It’s important that these groups are diverse and include people from lots of different backgrounds and experiences.  Access needs will be given consideration and support provided where required.

The members will take part by email, by text, and ideally meet in person!   The Review will assist with travel expenses where necessary and reasonable.

Support will be provided by the Review team and the proper process of confidentiality and consent will be followed.

Where a young person has a support worker they wish to be involved, we would encourage that to ensure everyone feels they’re getting the support they need to take part.

If you’d like to take part in a group please sign up by clicking on one of the links below and filling out a short form.

The closing date for signing up is Friday 23rd February.