Components of Care

The Components of Care work group will consider and understand the impact of each component within the current ‘care system’ in Scotland, and the journeys between them – mapping the life of a young person in care.


Lisa Macrae

Lisa works part time at the Independent Care Review and spends the rest of her time watching the little humans in her life grow. From a young age, Lisa has always enjoyed helping care and tend to children. To no surprise, Lisa went into childcare after leaving school. Child development fascinated Lisa, she loved her time in nurseries but wanted to do more.

To help those who may benefit from additional support, Lisa finished off her training in a children and family centre.

Lisa went on to study Social Services & Health Care, while working in East Lothian with people who have experience of the care system. Lisa supported the establishment of the local Champions Board and the growth of this with a foundation of genuine relationships. Lisa studied further, learning and exploring Community Education before moving into supporting the network of Champions Boards across the Country at Life Changes Trust.

The co-chair pledge

“We will strive to create a safe and inclusive environment, providing a platform where the components of care team feel confident and supported to deliver on the proposition. Voice from those with lived experience of the care system will be at the core of all our work activity, ensuring our approach is transparent.”

Pledges from work group members

“My pledge to the Care Review is that I will give my all to the meeting and help to make a better care system.” – Alex Horne

“To commit to working within my group. To keep energized and focused to what an excellent care system should be. To contribute and listen to my group with honesty and openness. To bring love, friendship and fun :)” – Janis Watson

“To be frank, honest.  To listen and to learn. To contribute and to relay to the members who elected me. Be an ambassador of their views and commit to ensuring their views are central to discussion.” – Robert Dorrian

“To keep care experienced people at the heart of our thinking and discussions. To stay committed, sharing experienced and skills in order to inform and benefit the future system of care experienced children, young people and their families.” – Tracy Ross

“To do all I can to help to design / to create a system that has the child / young person at the centre and is based on love, care and ensuring equality and social justice for all.” – Satwat Rehman

“Contribute to the components of care group through genuine listening and learning, keeping children and young people, front and centre so that together we can help improve Scotland’s care system for the future.” – Carol Porter

“To participate to the best of my ability and contribute to the review by being present and sharing the work beyond the review to inform, influence and inspire as widely as possible.” – Nicky Murray

“Listen to voices of those with care experience. Continually highlight the importance of relationships along with the impact of loss and grief. Translate the science of attachment and trauma so it is accessible and relevant to all.” – Suzanne Zeedyk

You can read more Care Review pledges or make your own. Visit the pledge wall

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