Can you help us with the design of the Review?


We are in the early stages of developing a new look and feel (a combination of ideas, colours, words, images, logo and website design) to give the Independent Care Review its own identity.

We would really appreciate it if children and young people who have care experience could help us with this.

Your response to the following questions will give the design team a sense of what the Review means to you and will really help to shape their creative thinking.

You can answer as many questions as you like either using the form below or by sending us a drawing or photo, whatever way you like best.  If you choose to use images or drawings please email these to  Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the Review!

Do you have experience of the care system?
This and the following two are BIG questions – answer them in any way you like. For example you can use words, tell us a story, think of an object, a person, a colour, or anything else that helps you describe the meaning.

Thanks again for telling us your ideas and if you decide you want to send us a drawing or photo, please email these to