Email us!

Prefer to type your thoughts and views and are not really keen on forms?  

Email us before 29th of September and what you share will influence the Discovery Stage report and the focus of the Journey Stage.

It’s really important you read this information before you email

If you are under 16 a responsible adult who knows you really well (like a worker, parent or guardian) needs to phone Gayle Rice on 0141 444 8571 to confirm that you can engage with the Review. They don’t need to read your email before you send it, you can do that privately or choose someone else to be with you when you write it.

Your voice

Your voice comes from your experience, it’s your story and your life. Whatever you would like to tell us will be heard as your understanding of your views, perspectives, aspirations and your journey through life. We are here to listen to you. 

What you tell us and what we hear

After you have finished speaking to someone from the Review, they will share with you what they heard you say. As part of what they share they will describe what they heard you say about 1) what should and should not be included in this Review, and 2) what you think the best care system in the world looks like. This is your opportunity to correct them if they misunderstand anything you said or if they have not included information you think is important.

Looking after you

We understand you may find it difficult and emotional to share your experience. To make it easier, you might want to talk to someone about your views before you email the Review. You many also want to write your email when someone you trust is with you.

Your feedback

This is the first time a Review has been designed that includes people with care experience and we are excited to be working with you in this way! We can always learn, so we want to hear from you about what worked well and what you think could be improved. Email: and put ‘FEEDBACK EMAIL’ in the title.