Go to an event!

Want to speak to people face-to-face? Want to hear other people’s points of view? Want to do this in a fun environment with a choice of activities? Then coming to an event might be right for you!

There are four discovery events, so you can go to the one that works for you:

1.                  Shetland (29th August)
2.                  Inverness (5th Sept 2017)
3.                  Edinburgh (13th Sept 2017)
4.                  Renfrewshire (19th Sept 2017) - Waiting List

At the events, there will be a range of interactive workshops which will create a fun and safe environment for you, and other care experienced young people, to have your voices heard. As part of a group you will have the chance to talk about your experiences and listen to other’s point of view too. Don’t worry if you are not sure if you will feel comfortable talking in a group- if you would rather speak to someone on a 1:1 basis there will be some opportunity for this too!

It’s really important you feel comfortable before, during and after the event, so please bring someone with you who you trust (this may be a foster carer, social worker, residential worker or anyone you would like to come and support you.)

The events will focus on answering the two discovery questions set by the Independent Care Review. These are:

1. What would the best care system in Scotland look like for you?  (This will help us create a collective visions for what we should all be working towards),

2. What do you think a root and branch review of the care system should include?  (i.e. what do you think we should we look at in this review?)

It’s really important you read this information about the event. We’ll check-in with you when you arrive at the event to make sure it all makes sense.

Your voice

Your voice comes from your experience, it’s your story and your life. Whatever you would like to tell us will be heard as your understanding of your views, perspectives, aspirations and your journey through life. We are here to listen to you.

What you tell us and what we hear

After you have finished speaking to someone, they will check with you what they heard you say. As part of what they share they will describe what they heard you say about 1) what should and should not be included in this Review, and 2) what you think the best care system in the world looks like. This is your opportunity to correct them if they misunderstand anything you said or if they have not included information you think is important.

Looking after you

We understand you may find it difficult and emotional to talk about your experience. To make it easier, you might want to talk to someone about your views before you come to the event. You can also bring anyone you want to the event, and we will be there if you want to talk to us as well.

Your feedback

This is the first time a Review has been designed that includes people with care experience and we are excited to be working with you in this way! There will be things we can learn, so please tell us what worked well and what you think could be improved. Email: sharemyvoice@carereview.scot and put ‘FEEDBACK EVENTS’ in the title.