Ways to get involved 

Achieving lasting change for Scotland’s children and young people in care is complex and challenging. It is a task which cannot be realised without listening to and taking account of the views of a whole host of people and organisations.

We want to hear from and talk to:

  • Children and young people in care
  • Care leavers – young and old
  • Families and carers with experience of the care system
  • Individuals and organisations working with and for children and families  

The Review has a number of stages until its completion in April 2019.  In this stage, ‘Discovery’, we want to engage widely across Scotland to help define the vision then scope of the Care Review.  Our actions and recommendations in the next stage (‘the Journey’) will be guided by what we learn in this stage.

Stay informed

If you want to be kept informed of the progress of the Review and find out about opportunities to be involved you can sign up for news updates. 

Be social

The Independent Care review is now using a range of social media platforms to share our news and talk to people who want to take part in the Review.