How we work

This is a review like no other. Our dynamic, innovative and flexible approach means that we will be gathering information and evidence, making recommendations for change, and then taking action and implementing change through its lifetime.

The Review will continually evolve and learn through a number of stages of work. Each phase of the Review will be guided and informed by the recommendations and actions implemented in the phase before.

We will engage and involve everyone with experience of care: children, young people and their families and care leavers - young and old - at every level and at every phase of the Review. It is their voice, experience and wisdom that will drive what we do.

Our Values and principles

  • We are independent
  • We are child and young person centred
  • We are inclusive and open to everyone being involved in wide-ranging and multiple ways
  • We are open and transparent
  • We are evidence led and will build on the strengths of what is already working
  • We encourage mutual learning and collaboration
  • We are curious and will challenge positively any outdated or unhelpful systems, processes, practices and behaviours
  • We embrace vulnerability, modelling how we expect the care system to support children and families