The Orientation stageorientation graphic

February 2017 – May 2017

This was the first stage of the Independent Care Review.

The ‘root and branch’ review of the Scottish care system was announced in October 2016.

During Orientation, the way the Care Review was to be carried out was established and included:

  • Being clear on why the Care Review is needed and who it is for
  • Planning and recruiting the people needed to begin the work
  • Identifying who the Care Review should involve and speak to
  • Organising meetings and activities to begin conversations with the people and organisations who wanted to be involved

A plan was developed to create a well-organised and thoughtful Care Review that children, young people and adults with care experience would want to be part of and that offered lots of choices and opportunities for them to be involved.

Work began to find and understand the numbers and facts known about care experienced infants, children and young people and all the words, rules and regulations that affect them.

Very quickly, organisations and charities who work with children and young people were contacting the Care Review to ask what they could do to support the work of the next stage, Discovery.