The Care Review heard a lot about issues relating to rights in the Discovery stage and so this group are working on making sure that the rights of children and young people who experience the care system in Scotland are known to them, respected and upheld.


Bruce Adamson

Bruce Adamson is the Children and Young People’s Commissioner in Scotland.

The Commissioner’s job is to help you understand your rights and to make sure those rights are respected. His goal is to make sure all children and young people in Scotland are as safe and happy as possible.

Before becoming the Commissioner in May 2017, Bruce worked as a lawyer. In this role, he built up over 20 years of experience working on children’s rights issues.

Bruce has also been a member of the Children’s Panel for 13 years, was a United Nations Representative for the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions, and has been Chair of the Scottish Child Law Centre.

Stuart Lindsay

Stuart spent his early years in foster care in Inverness before moving to an Aberlour Trust children’s home in Keith, Moray, aged three.

He then spent 10 largely positive years in residential care, before being fostered by the house parents at age 13, when the children’s home was due for closure.

Stuart’s care background eventually led to a career in social care, and he has gone onto work for Aberlour for 27 years; mostly within residential and short breaks services for children with learning disabilities.

He is currently Aberlour’s Personalisation Development Manager and has a grown daughter Caitlin, and stays in Glasgow.

Your rights

The Scottish Government has produced a free booklet explaining the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to children and young people. The booklet:

  • explains what rights are and why they matter,
  • summarises the rights set out in the Convention, and
  • provides contact details for a number of organisations in Scotland that can help children and young people realise their rights.

The Children and Young People’s Commissioner created the booklet in partnership with the Scottish Government. Download the document

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child booklet cover

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