The Secretariat

CELCIS (the Centre for Excellence for looked after children in Scotland) is hosting the Secretariat Team to support the delivery of the Review.

The Team will provide administrative support to the Chair and the Review Group, and will support the delivery of the review through the provision of expert and practical support. For example:

  • Set up and manage the website, and other ways of communicating, making sure that everyone who wants to know what the Review is doing can find out easily.
  • Log all correspondence and replies - keeping it all safe and confidential where appropriate
  • Organise Fiona’s schedule and provide administrative support to each Review Group – making sure that people who want to can easily take part in the Review including organising events across Scotland, getting in touch with people and organisations that we need to hear from etc.
  • Look at relevant areas of policy
  • Research into what’s working and what needs to be improved
  • Investigate other care systems in other part of the world, especially ones that work well for children and young people
  • plus lots of other things…

The Secretariat Team

Liz Brabender, Secretariat Lead 

Liz Brabender 300 x 200.jpg

Liz’s working life has always been about working with and for children and families to help to bring about positive change in their lives. Liz brings extensive practical experience as a teacher, social worker, programme manager and facilitator, and expertise in helping to make change and improvements in partnership with others.
Liz has developed and delivered improved services for children and families across the public and voluntary sectors, and worked on the ground, at managerial and at strategic leadership roles. 
As Permanence and Care Team Lead at CELCIS from 2012, Liz worked in partnership with  multiple agencies right across the child care sector to build on its strengths and to improve outcomes for children in care. Moving into the Business Development role at CELCIS in 2015, Liz continued to develop effective relationships with stakeholders across the sector to support continued  development  and delivery of  services.
Liz is the Secretariat Lead and in charge of the team that will support and facilitate the delivery of the Review. Liz sees this as the most important and unique opportunity of her career. She is delighted to have the opportunity to support this innovative work which will really make a difference with children, young people and their families.