Stop:Go work group

The Stop:Go work group will aim to deliver transformational change within Scotland’s care system.


Alan Baird

Alan qualified as a social worker in 1980 and subsequently held a number of practitioner and management posts in Glasgow, Angus, and Dundee.

He was appointed Director of Social Work with Dundee City Council in 2001 and served as President of the Association of Directors of Social Work in 2008/9. Alan was appointed Chief Social Work Adviser to Scottish Government in 2013 and remained in post until April of that year.

Alan graduated with an MBA from Dundee University in 1999. He has been a Trustee of Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS) since 2013 and has recently been appointed Honorary Professor in Social Work at Dundee University.

Laura Beveridge

Having both lived, worked and campaigned for change in the care system, Laura’s work at the Care Review is very close to her heart.

Laura has over 13 years’ experience working in partnership with care experienced children and young people and firmly believes they should have more power and control over their own lives, and the care system of the future.

Laura has always loved writing and has written a number of articles, including for a column at Holyrood magazine.

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