Making change happen

The Care Review has listened to children, young people and care experienced adults about their views on what is known as the ‘care system’ in Scotland and their experience of care.

These voices have described a wide range of experiences – some that can and must change now.

They also spoke of things that happen for some children and young people that should be encouraged for everyone who experiences care.

This learning has formed an evidence base for the Stop:Go work that was developed at the end of the Discovery stage.

These insights will be continually informed throughout the current Journey stage.

What is Stop:Go?

The Care Review’s implementation team is working with a number of stakeholders to support change within the ‘care system’ now and in the longer-term.

  • Working alongside the Scottish Government – the team is identifying areas of policy that could deliver positive change for the care experienced community in Scotland.
  • The team is also working alongside staff from all 32 of Scotland’s local authorities and community planning partnerships to identify what improvements or tests of change can start to happen in their area, what can stop and what good practice can be encouraged.
  • Engaging with national bodies and the third sector – the team is working with stakeholders who have indicated that they are willing and able to get involved in change prior to the Care Review’s conclusions.

Who is involved?

The work is being taken forward by the Stop:Go implementation team based at the Care Review Secretariat – see more information below.

If you would like to learn more about opportunities to be involved in the Stop:Go work please email

The Stop:Go work group is being co-chaired by Alan Baird and Laura Beveridge.

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Practice Support Manager
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Lynne Sinclair
Implementation Manager
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Implementation Manager
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