The Review Team

We hope that you will be part of the Review Team by getting involved, taking part in the dicussion and sharing your experience and views.

By working together, listening to and respecting each other’s views, we can ensure that the Review will achieve what its aim: to ‘propose changes to the care system that will improve both the quality of life and outcomes of young people in care’.

This will allow us all to stimulate and deliver positive change, and identify and build on what is already strong. 

But all of this will only happen with you. We know that taking part might be emotional and challenging, but we will do everything that we can to support your participation.

So please do join the conversation.

The Chair

Fiona Duncan, Chief Executive of the Corra Foundation,  is the independent Chair of the Review.

Fiona has worked in the voluntary sector for over 20 years right here in Scotland and across the globe.

 Read more about Fiona Duncan

The Review Group

Alongside the Chair, an external Review Group will plan the effective delivery of the Review.

Each stage of the Review will be guided and informed by the recommendations and actions implemented in the previous stage.

That means membership of the Group has to be fluid and flexible and will change in order to draw on the expertise and experience of what is needed at each stage of the Review.  

The absolute constant in every single Review Group will be people with care experience.

The Discovery Group

In this first discovery stage, the Discovery Group will help guide and support the wide-ranging conversations and involvement with individuals and organisations that need to take place to reach consensus on:

  1. What do we mean by a root and branch review? And that means being absolutely clear about what is part of the Review and what is not.  
  2. What does good care and protection look like for children and young people in care?

The Discovery Group is made of 12 people with professional or personal experience of the care system. Find out more about the members of the Discovery Group.

The Secretariat team

CELCIS (the Centre for Excellence for looked after children in Scotland) is hosting the Secretariat Team to support the delivery of the Review.

The Team will provide administrative support to the Chair and the Review Group, and will support the delivery of the review through the provision of expert and practical support.

Read more about the Secretariat team