Evidence Framework

The Care Review Evidence Framework

Between 2017 and 2020, the Care Review heard the experiences over 5,500 care experienced infants, children, young people, adults and members of the paid and unpaid workforce had of Scotland’s ‘care system’, and their vision for what needed to change. Their voice was the cornerstone of everything the Care Review did, providing the direction and an ongoing benchmark for all research, data and evidence gathered.

The processes undertaken and the outputs of the work have been pulled together into the Care Review Evidence Framework. The Framework provides a detailed outline of participation and engagement undertaken, a full summary of the outputs of the Care Review’s commissioning processes and a bibliography of sources consulted. The work undertaken drew on an extensive body of research from academics and researchers nationally and internationally, across all sectors.

The Evidence Framework is not intended to capture everything the Care Review learnt, but rather to provide a platform to help navigate the vast amount of research engaged with and undertaken, with its cross-cutting themes and intentionally broad definition of the ‘care system’ as a whole. It is intended to help signpost to relevant reports, documents, websites and organisations, facilitating a more in depth look at a range of issues which were highlighted during the different stages of the Care Review.

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