Five Foundations infographics


The Promise report is built on Five Foundations. The infographics below outline some of the key things that Scotland must do to make sure all its children grow up loved, safe and respected.

The infographics must be read alongside The Promise.

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The Promise report is built on Five Foundations

These foundations must be at the heart of a reorganisation of how Scotland thinks, plans and prioritises for children and their families.


Children must be listened to and meaningfully and appropriately involved in decision-making about their care, with all those involved properly listening and responding to what children want and need. There must be a compassionate, caring, decision-making culture focussed on children and those they trust.


Where children are safe in their families and feel loved they must stay – and families must be given support together to nurture that love and overcome the difficulties which get in the way.


Where living with their family is not possible, children must stay with their brothers and sisters where safe to do so and belong to a loving home, staying there for as long as needed.


The children that Scotland cares for must be actively supported to develop relationships with people in the workforce
and wider community, who in turn must be supported to listen and be compassionate in their decision-making and care.


Children, families and the workforce must be supported by a system that is there when it is needed. The scaffolding of help, support and accountability.


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