Education and Skills Committee 14 March

The Review gives evidence to the Education and Skills Committee 14th March 2018

Fiona Duncan, Independent Chair, Rosie Moore and Kevin Browne, both care experienced members of the Review Discovery Group attended the Education and Skills Committee meeting on Wednesday 14th March to give evidence to the Committee on the progress to date and the timeline and future stages of the Independent Care Review.

Fiona outlined the extensive engagement activity with children, young people and adults who have care experience and members of the workforce during the Discovery stage and what the Review is doing to hear from people with diverse perspectives and those considered ‘hard-to-reach’.

Fiona explained how the voice of care-experienced people is being heard throughout each stage, the crucial involvement of children and young people in the design of the Review and the importance of their participation in the decision-making and design of services beyond the conclusion of the Review. The Review has ensured that meetings and activities take place on weekends or evenings at a time and place that is convenient for children and young people. By ensuring that conversations take place at a safe and appropriate pace and in a respectful and supportive way, the Review has been able to build trust with children and young people.

Kevin and Rosie gave accounts of their involvement in the Discovery Group and shared powerful insights into the challenges they have experienced within the care system, their hopes for the next stage and for the children and young people who experience care in the future. They discussed a wide range of issues including the impact of stigma, care identity and the need for change in the culture and behaviour within society in relation to how we take care of our children.

Committee members asked about the Review’s methods of engagement, the challenge of reaching a consensus among a diverse stakeholder group, the response of local authorities to the Review and what had been done to reach people who have experienced the justice system and homelessness.

To learn more you can view the session on the video below.

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