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Care Review FAQs

The Care Review website is regularly updated with the latest activities and opportunities to take part.  You can also keep in touch by following through social media using the buttons at the bottom of this page.

Plus you can also get in touch by:

  • Email general enquiries to:
  • Email to arrange to give confidential information:
  • Phone: 0141 444 8527
  • Post: University of Strathclyde, Curran Building, Level 6, 94 Cathedral Street, G4 0LG

There’s lots of different ways for you get involved and talk to us – and we’ll do everything we can to make sure these are straightforward, inclusive and supportive.

The Get Involved page of the website has information about current activities and opportunities you might be interested in.

We do understand you may find it difficult and emotional to talk about your experience, and so we encourage you to do this with the support of a trusted individual who you already know.

If you would like to contact us directly about your thoughts and experiences, you can do this in a safe and confidential way is by:

Your information will be kept completely confidential and will be treated respectfully.

Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially and with respect and if you prefer, you can share your views and experiences anonymously.

The information you share will help the Care Review better understand the care system and agree recommendations for action.

With your agreement, we will store your information securely along with a record of our responses.   If you share information that causes concern for your safety, we may need to get you help.

We cannot comment on ongoing complaints or disputes that relate to an individual case; instead we can help signpost you to the most appropriate place to deal with any concerns you might have.

The Independent Care Review has established links with current Scottish Government National Reviews, Group, Commissions and Inquiries in order to ensure national understanding and to avoid duplication of work and effort. These links (as at March 2019) are detailed in the below document.

Fiona Duncan, Chief Executive of the Corra Foundation, is the Chair of the Care Review.

Fiona has worked in the voluntary sector for over 20 years, both in Scotland and internationally.

Learn more about Fiona Duncan

Fiona is spending approximately half her working time for the Care Review on a flexible basis.

There are robust governance arrangements in place to ensure Fiona’s independence in her roles as the Chair of the Care Review and as the Chief Executive of the Corra Foundation.

A Secretariat is a team that provides support.

For the Care Review, the Secretariat team provides administrative support to the Chair and the Review Groups, and will also support the delivery of the Care Review by providing expert and practical support.

CELCIS were appointed by the Scottish Government to host the Secretariat team.

Who Cares? Scotland was commissioned to deliver the 1000 Voices project as part of the Care Review. This will ensure that the care experience voice is heard throughout.

There are three national pieces of work that are currently looking at what is known as the ‘care system’ in Scotland and engaging with people who have care experience.

The Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry is an independent statutory public inquiry chaired by the Rt Hon Lady Smith. The Inquiry was established to examine the abuse of children in care in Scotland or children whose care was arranged in Scotland, up until December 2014. The Inquiry will look at what happened, why and where abuse took place, whether the organisations responsible for children in care failed in their duties, the effects of abuse on children and their families and what needs to be done to ensure that systems for children in care are safe now and in the future. The Inquiry is required to report to Scottish Ministers on all these matters. When doing so, it requires to include its recommendations including whether any changes in policy, practice or legislation are required.

More information is available:

The National Confidential Forum is about listening, understanding and acknowledging the experiences of people who were in institutional care in Scotland as children. People attend and tell the Forum about their experiences in care. These experiences are contributing to a permanent national record of Scotland’s care history. More information is available:

The Independent Care Review is undertaking a root and branch review of the ‘care system’ in Scotland. The voice and experience of children and young people currently in care and people who have past experience of care are informing the Care Review as are the views of people who work with and care for children and young people in care. The Care Review will identify and stimulate change required in policy, practice and legislation. Final recommendations will be reported to the Scottish Government in spring/summer 2020.

It is recognised that although these separate pieces of work have a different focus and task, they may at times be speaking to the same care experienced people. The Care Review will consider how best to engage with other reviews and inquiries throughout the duration of the Care Review to ensure that relevant evidence it hears is made available.

Your information will be kept confidential and treated with respect during and after the Care Review. All the information we gather will help change the care system now and after the Review has been completed.

At the end of the Care Review, your information will be stored safely to comply with data protection laws and a decision will be taken about how it should be stored and/or shared in the future.

We pledge that everyone who has been in touch will be asked if they agree to their information to be shared in the future.

The Care Review is fully committed to making sure that you are given the support that you need to take part in a way that feels safe and right for you.  Find out more on the Get Involved page.

While the Scottish Government commissioned the Care Review, it is independent from the Government. This means the Care Review will work completely separately and will report on its progress and share findings regularly.

This forms part of the Government’s commitment to Scotland’s children and young people.