Care Review response to court judgement on brother and sisters in care

Independent Care Review response to court ruling (31 July 2018) that a 14-year-old boy should now be able to apply to participate fully in his brother’s children’s hearing:

Children and young people who experience what is known as the care system in Scotland have consistently told the Independent Care Review how devastating it is to be split up from their brothers and sisters and other family members.

Separating brothers and sisters, and other family members, who children love and care for has huge implications for wellbeing and can cause long-term damage and distress.  Not knowing about decisions affecting your brothers, sisters and other family members can also be very difficult for children and young people.

At the end of the Discovery stage of the Independent Care Review, young people and adults with experience of care developed 12 Intentions, which will guide the Care Review’s work in its current stage – known as ‘Journey’.

These 12 Intentions highlight the importance of protecting trusted relationships, respecting children’s rights, and ensuring that children and young people’s voices having a meaningful impact on decisions that affect their lives.

One of the Care Review’s 12 Intentions states:

‘Relationships which are significant to infants, children and young people will be protected and supported to continue unless it is not safe to do so. This recognises the importance of brothers and sisters, parents, extended family and trusted adults.’

A further Intention highlights what the Care Review has heard about decision-making:

‘Infants, children and young people’s voices will have a visible and meaningful impact on decision making and care planning’.

The Journey stage of the Care Review will also focus on the rights of infants, children and young people with the following Intention:

‘Infants, children and young people’s rights will be part of normal everyday life, practice and decision making.’

The Care Review looks forward to continuing work with all involved in Stand Up for Siblings.