The Journey stage

June 2018 – Autumn 2019

This is the third stage of the Independent Care Review.

The Care Review will use the Journey stage to begin to deliver improvements for infants, children and young people who experience care.

Different methods will be used and will involve a strength-based and appreciative approach to encourage and stimulate things that are already working well.

The Care Review will continue to establish clear evidence of what works best for children and young people and their families,  recognising that relying on existing evidence will only deliver so much change.

This will need a change in thinking and practice.  The Care Review will provide support to try out new ways of doing things.  Learning from this will inform what is really needed to improve care including changes in policy and the law.

The outcome will be a series of new initiatives right across Scotland for a range of children and young people in care, families on the edge of care, and care-experienced adults, as well as identification of the pioneers – those people ready and willing to try something different.

Traffic lights

The Care Review will be using traffic light symbols to identify, stimulate and support change.

Red light – for practice and experiences that should stop happening

Amber light – ideas and improvements that need to be tested and understood

Green light – for immediate improvements and great practice that needs to be rolled out


These pages will be updated with information about the opportunities to take part in and influence this area of the work as it develops.

Understanding the challenges

The Journey stage will involve six working groups – each following interconnecting paths to explore areas of practice that need deeper understanding.  The rich learning and evidence base from the Discovery stage will be used to support this.

The Intentions are central to the work – guiding them along their path. The groups will build knowledge and confidence about how to address challenges, identify good practice, and encourage innovation.

The Journey groups

Each of the Journey groups will have two co-chairs. One with lived care experience and one with experience from working in the area.  The Care Review is setting up these groups now and ways for people to take part in the Journey stage.
If you are interested in taking part you can let the Care Review know by sending your details on the ‘get involved’ page.

Edges of care

To properly understand what happens at each end of the ‘care system’ – the points that infants, children and young people are taken into care and the points that they leave care.

Justice and care

To explore how the justice system contributes to infants, children and young people going into care, the experience of secure care, and to consider how the ‘care system’ can criminalise children and young people.

Health and wellbeing

To understand health and wellbeing in the ‘care system’, the conditions that result in infants, children and young people being taken into care, what happens when they leave care and the impact on their health and wellbeing.

Components of care

To consider and understand the impact of each of the components of the ‘care system’, the journeys between them and mapping a day / week / month / year in the life of a young person in care.


To give full consideration to the entirety of the care workforce, paid and unpaid, how they interact with each other in the interests of infants, children and young people, and how they are trained and supported to do this.

Best place in the world

To scope out the best of what works in other parts of the world and give full consideration to what Scotland can learn and do to be the best place to grow up.

Get involved

Are you interested in any of these areas?

If you’d like to learn more about taking part and what would be involved, let the Care Review know by filling out your details on the form below.

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