Launch of advance redress scheme

Redress: advance scheme open for applications

The Deputy First Minister John Swinney has launched an advanced payment scheme as part of the Scottish Government’s plans to provide redress for survivors of childhood abuse, in care in Scotland.

In October 2018, Mr Swinney announced the Scottish Government’s commitment to redress and apologised for the ‘terrible harm that was done to children who were abused in care by those who were entrusted to look after them.’

The redress scheme acknowledges the lifelong impact of care and trauma and the right of survivors to receive financial redress as an element to accessing justice.

The advance payment scheme is currently open to people who have a terminal illness or are aged 70 or over and has been launched with the intention of those whose health or age may be a factor in their ability to apply for redress. A statutory redress scheme is intended to be finalised in Parliament by March 2021.  The Independent Care Review looks forward to redress being available for all other survivors.

Application process

A free telephone support line is available to help survivors with applications and crucially, will have specially trained case workers to support survivors.  The advance payments team can be reached on 0808 169 9740.

The scheme application form and guidance are available on the Scottish Government website.