Care Review statement

On Wednesday 5 February 2020, the Independent Care Review published seven reports. The Promise laid out five foundations and over 80 calls to action.

On the same day, in The Scottish Parliament, Nicola Sturgeon pledged to #KeepThePromise a commitment that got the support of all political parties.

Organisations, institutions, bodies, communities and groups all across Scotland also pledged to #KeepThePromise.

Since then, in a short time, the world has changed and lots remains uncertain in many places and for many people. This may be the situation for some time and Scotland’s resources must continue to be deployed to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

However, in the midst of this, Scotland must ensure that the commitment to #KeepThePromise is cherished and nurtured. Scotland’s commitment to those for whom it has and has had parenting responsibility is, in many ways, now even more important.

Scotland must ensure that the voices of children who often suffer the greatest hardship in times of crisis are heard and they are loved, safe and respected.

Making change is urgent.

The Care Review will work with Scottish Government on the longer term vision of keeping The Promise with a small team transitioning to support implementation, ensuring it is as smooth as possible and can be followed by full engagement.

The momentum, goodwill and commitment created by The Promise and the overdue change it identified must not be lost. The work being done in this period will make sure Scotland is ready to rapidly put in place the infrastructure to deliver The Promise as soon as it is able.

This team can be contacted at or by calling 0141 444 8527.

The Care Review reports continue to be available on the website where you will also find other resources associated with the launch.

As demand for hard copies continues to be high, please add your name to the waiting list on the website and these will be sent to you as soon as they are available.

Amongst all of this, the Care Review remains committed to making sure that support is available for anyone who has contributed to the Care Review in any way.

Health in Mind have worked with the Care Review to provide a dedicated confidential telephone counselling service to anyone involved who wishes to talk, and this will continue to be available until 31 May 2020.

There is a dedicated support line – 0808 801 0431 which is staffed by a qualified and experienced counsellor every Mondays between 1pm and 4pm.

Health in Mind will call you back if you leave a message outside this time. And a text service is available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday on 07786 202 875.

Further updates will be available online and circulated by email in due course.

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