Final call to share your views

Thank you for your interest in sharing your views.

The Care Review is now analysing all the insights and information that it has gathered.

Get in touch with the Care Review now and join thousands of people in Scotland calling for change

There is still an opportunity for you to share your views – but please get in touch before midday on Friday 8 November.

The Care Review is near the end of the Journey stage and needs to bring together everything it has learned and all the evidence it has gathered since it was launched in February 2017.

All of the information and insights given by thousands of people from across Scotland, as well as the research that the Care Review has collected, will be used to inform its conclusions.

Every single experience, viewpoint, idea and suggestion about Scotland’s ‘care system’ that has been shared with the Care Review will be fully considered and analysed.

If you would like to contact the Care Review, either for the first time, or if you have something more you would like to add, please email or call 0141 444 8527

What happens after Friday 8 November?

After Friday 8 November, the Care Review’s Chair Fiona and her team will gather all the information that has been shared and create a final set of conclusions which will be peer-reviewed by people from the care community.

The Participation Hub, who have travelled all over Scotland to listen carefully to the experiences of care, will be feeding back on how all the stories and ideas are shaping the conclusions.

The team will do this in a variety of different ways to make sure everyone who wants to hear back is reached.

The Participation Hub will be able to talk about the changes that the Care Review will be calling for as a result of what has been heard.

If you would like to arrange this directly, or want to learn more, get in touch with the Participation Hub by email:

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