LGBT Youth Commission: care experience

Are you LGBT? Are you between 13-25 and living in Scotland? Are you care experienced or have you had experience of care in the past? Are you passionate about using your voice to influence positive change?

You can contribute to the Care Review by being part of a Youth Commission organised by LGBT Youth Scotland, and share your views on the matters that affect you most:

  • What is working?
  • What isn’t working?
  • And most importantly, what can be done about it?
What is a Youth Commission?

A youth commission is a group of young people who come together to investigate a specific issue and influence decision makers to make positive changes.

They ensure young peoples’ voices are heard on issues that affect their lives.

Youth commissions take a co-delivered approach, meaning you will work in partnership with other young people, staff and volunteers to take forward the work of the commission.

Get involved

The Care Review’s Stigma work group’s co-chair, Denisha Killoh, would encourage anyone interested to sign up:

“Identifying as being both care experienced and a member of the LGBT+ community, it’s very close to my heart to make sure there’s representation in the Care Review and the Stigma work group to allow people to have their voice heard and respected.

“I’m so excited to work alongside the LGBT+ care experienced youth commission! It’s such a fantastic opportunity to influence lasting change and be directly involved with the Care Review. Please sign up if you haven’t already.”

For more information about how you can get involved contact: or if you would prefer to have a chat about this project call 0141 552 7425.

You can also find more information here

LGBT youth commission

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